Simplicity Is Our Speciality.

Sell Your House Quickly To Our Experienced Trustworthy Professionals.


At PropertyHouseBuyers selling your house quickly is 100% hassle-free. You can sell with ease, without the use of an estate agent and it’ll be much faster and just as safe.



We offer a helpful service for homeowners to relieve them of their property problems fast with no hassle.
We’re very flexible, this means that there is more than one option to choose from to sell your house quickly and no matter what your property problem is we have the fastest most reliable solution.



How It Works


The process of selling your house at PropertyHouseBuyers has been simplified massively so it’s as fast, easy, and convenient as possible.

There’s only three simple steps to selling your house quickly with us and numerous benefits of doing so.


The service we offer is aimed at anyone who needs to sell their property in a short space of time with confidence and certainty.


When you choose to sell through us you give yourself the opportunity of selling to a cash buyer. Cash buyers are property investors who have fast access to finance and can shorten the time of the transaction through working with solicitors who can act quickly, and allow you to release the equity in your house so you can pay any outstanding debts and get rid of the extra liability.



Have a look at the slideshow below to see how the selling process works with us.





The Benefits

There are many great benefits of using our service. One of the most valuable being that all of the investors we work with have certain rules/guidelines to follow if they work with us to ensure that all of your expectations are met to your standard and it’s a win/win situation, it’s guaranteed that once we agree a price we will stick to it.

These guidelines include:


  • Being transparent about the whole process at all times.
  • Giving you the best solution for your circumstances that creates a win/win situation.
  • Not taking advantage of you by disguising an offer with bad terms.
  • Not charging any fees whatsoever.
  • Making you aware of every step taken in the process.
  • Sticking to the agreed date of completion.
  • Being able to accommodate your needs.


Take a look below to see the benefits of selling with us.




Below is a summary of the benefits of working with us (click the picture to enlarge):


Benefits Of PropertyHouseBuyers



We understand that selling your house can be stressful, that’s why we’re here, we have the tools and resources help to guide you through the process and reduce the work and stress on your behalf so you can focus on the more important things in your life.


If you need to sell your house urgently then PropertyHouseBuyers is your best choice. We’re very confident that we’re your best option if you really need to sell your property quickly. We can provide you with a high quality service which is free of charge. We’re professionals so you can expect a professional service when dealing with us. Click here to fill in the form and get an instant quote!